CSCS is now ACC!

Welcome to the Anabaptist Climate Collaborative!

The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions is excited to announce that we are now incorporated under a new name — the Anabaptist Climate Collaborative!

ACC is now an independent organization that is prepared to embrace new roles in programs that impact an expanded audience, while continuing programs that have successfully motivated people and organizations to take meaningful actions.

The climate crisis is a rapidly changing crisis; it seems like every day the news reports an important new development that gives us renewed concern or hope. Effective organizations change with the times, and we are likewise changing to the evolving climate landscape. After six years of operating as the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions, we’re excited to announce that we are now incorporated as a new entity under the name “Anabaptist Climate Collaborative”.

Why the change? First, we talked to a lot of people about how to be most effective, maybe you are one of those! Through this process, it became clear that there are opportunities to both build on our successes while embracing new goals, and that both of these are best achieved by becoming an independent organization. This reduces the confusion about who we are as an organization. 

This transition means that we will be an independent nonprofit (501c3) organization, moving away from being formally housed at Eastern Mennonite University, Mennonite Central Committee and Goshen College. We’re grateful for the support and commitment of these organizations to CSCS, they deserve full credit for our accomplishments! And we know that they will continue to be engaged with ACC. In programming, look for our current successful programming (such as student engagement, and congregational training) to continue, while expanding to new areas that increase our impact. And finally, in staffing, this transition will see a new director step into the leadership role.

The steady stream of climate impacts we saw this summer prove that, more than ever, we need committed organizations and individuals that act now in concert to care for this sustaining creation. We cannot pause in our efforts, and are energized by how this transition steps into a needed role as we work together. Thank you for journeying with us as we step into this new space!

Learn more about the transition in our October newsletter.

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