Innovative Solutions

Baseline Survey

The baseline research of the center consists of three major components, each further described below:

  • A large-scale survey of key constituents
  • An inventory/exploration of organizations, resources, and practices related to climate change, global warming and creation care currently existing within Mennonite contexts as well as identification of potential strategic partner organizations beyond the “Mennonite world.”
  • The first phase of work by theologians at Mennonite educational institutions to articulate the current “state of the art” in Anabaptist thinking about climate change and to propose specific agenda items for constructing an Anabaptist theology to support climate change mitigation.

Taken together, this research work provides to the oversight board and center leadership an essential understanding of the context within which the center operates.

Baseline Survey
The baseline survey was one of the key activities for year one of the center’s work. This research drew upon existing survey research on attitudes regarding climate change and global warming as well as research on best practices for communicating with diverse constituencies regarding these topics.

This first survey research project focused on U.S. Mennonite persons and leaders. Preliminary findings have been reported here.

Baseline survey instrument: CSCS Baseline Survey 2017

Monitoring and Evaluation

We are currently monitoring the frequency of sustainability keywords and climate change in Mennonite publications.

You can download our initial findings here: Mennonites and the media.