CSCS engages directly with pastors and congregational leaders through a number of programs, mostly directly through our Director of Pastoral Ecology, Doug Kaufman.  Doug is based in Goshen, IN and is co-pastor of Benton Mennonite Church. He was a conference minister for the Indiana Michigan Mennonite Conference of MC USA.  For the past number of years, his work has focused on leading learning experiences that enable church leaders to teach, preach and lead in ways that respond to climate change. More broadly, he helps leaders connect with the theological underpinnings and personal experiences that can help them integrate creation care more fully into the life of the church. Much of this work is carried out through pastoral learning experiences, or multi-day conferences which Kaufman runs as a fusion of head and heart, theology, and nature.  

Would you like to engage Doug for your community or region? He can offer sermons, in person or online, Sunday School classes, and pastoral learning experiences.  If you are interested in a pastoral learning experience for your region, contact Doug Kaufman at

To read our press release from the start of the Director of Pastoral Ecology position, click here, and see Doug Kaufman’s bio here.  Doug’s perspective on climate focuses on how congregational practices of education, ritual, and theology can help people move past emotions that keep them disengaged from climate, read more in his article “Caring About Climate Change: An Anabaptist Cruciform Response” in the Mennonite Quarterly Review.

We partner with Mennonite Creation Care Network who offer resources and networking to congregations.