At ACC we are building networks through our Campus Sustainability Ambassadors, congregational networking in advocacy and pastoral ecology, and by connecting researchers from Anabaptist institutions.

At ACC we are developing leaders through our student leadership training, global & marginalized voices program, pastoral ecology training, and support of innovative researchers at Anabaptist institutions.

At ACC we are inspiring action by supporting student work on-campus and after graduation, creating resources, providing opportunities for Anabaptists to take action on climate change, and supporting researchers promoting novel approaches to addressing climate change.

Announcing our Global Voices Lent Series: The Climate Pollinator!

Announcing our Global Voices Lent Series: The Climate Pollinator! Are you concerned about climate change and wish you were doing more to respond? Do you want to be inspired by what Anabaptists like you are doing around the world? We’ve asked dozens of Anabaptists how they and their churches are…
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Offering an in-depth training on pastoral care for climate

ACC is excited to partner with Eastern Mennonite Seminary to offer a more indepth and longer term training for pastors and other ministry leaders in pastoral care for climate. Doug Kaufman, director of pastoral ecology, has five years of experience offering pastors, leaders, and congregants short term training experiences. This…
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Documenting solutions that work : ACC starts two new programs

Welcoming two new staff members! Liz Miller (left), Sierra Ross Richer (right) ACC is excited to initiate two new projects as we welcome Liz Miller and Sierra Ross Richer. Liz and Sierra will both work through the winter on related projects that bring stories and resources on the range of…
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What We Do

Launched in the fall of 2016 by a gift from Ray Martin (read more about the launch here), CSCS was created to advance thinking and action in Anabaptist and other faith communities to address climate change as one of the most crucial moral challenges of our time. CSCS operated as a partnership between Eastern Mennonite University, Mennonite Central Committee, and Goshen College. 

In 2022, we incorporated as an independent organization, renamed as the Anabaptist Climate Collaborative. The Anabaptist Climate Collaborative works to inspire and equip individuals and organizations to address climate change through the perspective of climate justice, and through Anabaptist values, community and faith. The Anabaptist Climate Collaborative recognizes climate change as one of the most crucial moral challenges of our time, and works toward climate justice through a focus on targeted strategies of:

1) developing emerging leaders who act as catalysts for larger scale changes,

2) empowering diverse voices of those most impacted by climate change, and

3) bringing together individuals and organizations into partnerships that more effectively address climate change.

We envision the Anabaptist Climate Collaborative as a leader in addressing climate change by promoting engagement and understanding through the perspectives of justice, peacebuilding, and reconciliation.