For the Beauty of the Earth was an interactive multi-session webinar series sponsored by the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions. This series explored the interconnectedness of climate and racial justice, while being grounded in Anabaptist values and theology. Each session featured a speaker, time for Q&A, and breakout rooms to allow for discussion with folks from around the US.

You are welcome to use these recordings for your own personal learning, or for learning within community (such as in small groups, youth groups, etc.). Discussion questions for each session are provided to help start conversation.

Watch past sessions here:

Anabaptist Eco-Theology and Environmental Justice  Featuring Peter Dula

Discussion Questions

In this session, we have surveyed four main branches of eco-theology (eco-justice, stewardship, eco-spirituality, environmental justice):
  • Which are you most familiar with?
  • Which have you most identified with?
  • Which is most influential in your church or community?
  • Do you think Peter is right to sense a shift from stewardship to eco-spirituality?

Movement of People and Climate Change
Featuring Nidhi Vinod

Discussion Questions

  • What toxins do you recognize in your community? In yourself?
  • Do you have any stories from your grandmothers or grandparents that came to mind as Nidhi spoke?
  • How do you imagine the future of borders?

How the Past has Shaped Our Present Moment: Understanding the Doctrine of Discovery and its Impact on Indigenous People and Creation Featuring Sheri Hostetler

Discussion Questions

  • What, if anything, surprised you in this presentation — was there some piece of history that you didn’t know about? 
  • Was there a point at which the story of your family/your ancestors connected to this history? How does the current land you are on connect to this history?
  • How do you understand the connection between climate change/ecological degradation and Indigenous rights?

Transforming Communities through Urban Farming Featuring Vonetta Storbakken

Discussion Questions

  • What would a model similar to Radical Living’s look like in your community? (Get creative and imaginative!)
  • How could our church community have a better relationship with the land we are on?
  • What food do you love that’s in your garden? Or, what food do you want to have in your future garden?

Earth Day Altar Call Featuring Sarah Nahar


Discussion Questions

  • How do you see, feel, experience the earth being crucified? If you were to make a station of the cross, what would be included?
  • How can your community better prioritize the saving of soil in addition to the saving of souls?
  • “What do you need to break free from the clutches of [industrial growth society, corporate petro chemical capitalism – the structure of sin that is holding us all hostage]?” How can your community support you in breaking free from this system? (We are in this together!)