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The Creation Care Action Plans are designed to help congregations see creation care as a part of God’s redemptive work and take part in God’s vision of reconciliation for all creation. Each plan strives to meet churches where they are at and empower them towards further creation care action. The plans were developed as a part of CSCS’s Climate Futures Fellowship program in 2020 and are informed and inspired by the experiences of Anabaptist pastors in the US and Canada.

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This 2 minute quiz will help you determine which Creation Care Action Plan
will meet the needs of your congregation and allow you to download your plan for free.

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Creation care resources from trusted, faith-based sources can be hard to come by, especially when you are just starting your creation care journey. The Cumulative Resource page is designed to meet congregational creation care needs in one convenient location. It includes lists of creation care organizations, worship and educational materials, facilities resources, and outreach and advocacy ideas. Click the button below to explore resources and save materials for current and future projects!

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