Mennonite Voices on Creation Care

A collection of short videos

Biblical/Theological Perspectives on Climate Change

We invited a collection of diverse voices on climate change within the Mennonite church to identify a question which is important to them, and then to make a short video giving their answer to that question.

We invite you to contribute your own thoughts through a brief video, which we can add to this collection of videos. 

Below are some possible questions at the intersection of climate change and theology. We invite you to choose one of them OR shape your own burning question and formulate some thoughts.  

  • What are the biblical and theological questions that Anabaptists should be asking in an era of climate change? Provide an overview.
  • What does an Anabaptist/Christian worldview add to the conversation related to climate change? 
  • How do we think about our planet’s long-term future in light of both the dire predictions about climate change and the Christian message of hope?
  • How might we redefine Christian stewardship in an era of climate change?
  • How does our understanding of who God is apply to climate change?
  • What do you think Jesus would do in response to climate change?
  • What is the most important thing Mennonite churches can do in response to climate change?
  • How might climate change shape the ways in which we pray and worship?
  • How is the Mennonite peace witness related to climate change? 
  • What unique resources do you see within the Anabaptist/Christian tradition that can help us with a future that includes climate change?
  • How do key creation texts like Genesis 1, Psalm 104 or Colossians 1 speak to climate change?
  • How might Paul’s affirmation that all are one in Jesus Christ apply to the climate crisis?
  • What theological dialog partners outside of the Mennonite Church do you most wish Anabaptists would cross-fertilize with on the topic of climate change?

It’s simple to do!  This doesn’t need to be a professional video, we’re asking for a your genuine, heart-felt response. 

Submit your videos in this folder, or send them directly to us.


You don’t need to do things in exactly this order, but it would be nice if all four components were included.

Set the context of your question: Who are you, why are you thinking about climate change and what community is nearest to your heart as you ponder the question you chose? If it is possible to film yourself in a place that illuminates that or screen share a photo, so much the better. 

Pose the question: Make sure you can say it in one sentence. We will likely put this text on screen. 

Reflect: This could range from providing a tentative answer to exploring just how thorny the problem is and challenging others to dialogue. 

And therefore: Does a “charge” or practical action suggest itself from what you have to say?

Simple Tips for Video-making

  1. If possible, use a stationary laptop with a camera, not your phone. One way is to open a Zoom meeting with just yourself and press record. Zoom will ask you if you want to record to the cloud or on your computer. You can do either. I like to use the cloud because then it shows up under recordings and I can easily find it.


  2. Do a practice video this way to check sound, lighting and where you are looking. 
  • Is there light coming from behind you?: Position yourself so that the light is on your face, not coming from behind. Perhaps you have a portable lamp that can help with this if you can’t move yourself.


  • Does your background help get your message across or distract? It doesn’t need to be a neutral blank wall, but that works well. If it isn’t a blank wall, is the stuff in view distracting? On the other hand, the right setting can even support what you have to say. For example, if you are approaching this assignment as an avid gardener, do you have means to record yourself outside in your garden? Or can you include items in the frame indoors that relate?


Eye contact? When you view your recorded test video, does it look like you are looking into the camera? Down your nose? If the latter, try putting a post-it note on your computer as a target for where to look. (When I speak, I elevate my laptop on a cardboard box. It took me a long time to also figure out that I need new glasses! I keep tilting my head up to screen because the distance is wrong for both the top and bottom of my glasses. For now, I compensate by scrolling through an electronic script in a giant typeface.)

We would like to use these videos in multiple ways, and are asking your permission to share them broadly.  By submitting this video, you are agreeing to the use of videos in one or more of the following venues:

  • Posting on this website for the general public.
  • Use in social media posts.  For instance, we anticipate a social media series through Mennonite World Conference, which will be viewed by the worldwide Anabaptist community.
  • Some clips we anticipate using in presentations, and at conference venues, such as the MCUSA assembly in July, 2021.

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