CSCS Hosting “A Time to Mend”, Climate Short Film from Dan Gallagher Arts

The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions (CSCS) is hosting the pilot of “A Time to Mend“, a docu-series short created by Dan Gallagher Arts in cooperation with CSCS. The pilot episode looks at climate change effects, especially sea level rise (SLR), and the efforts of the City of Sarasota FL. The city has been working since 2016 to understand and plan for the SLR already observed as well as the accelerating rise that is forecast. Gallagher says, “What was impressive about Sarasota was that they followed such a clear path. They objectively studied the science to understand the problem; then, they developed and passed a city-wide adaptation plan to minimize the impact on the city’s services. Finally, the city started working to reduce greenhouse gas production both within municipal operations and city-wide. I’m sure there are other cities doing this, but Sarasota was very transparent.”

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Sarasota started working on a Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan, specifically to allow them to prioritize projects that would allow the city to provide critical services without interruptions caused by climate change. Additionally, they have completed a series of Community and Operational Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories and can demonstrate GHG reductions over the years. Finally, they initiated Ready for 100, committing to 100% renewable energy city-wide by 2045 and for city buildings and operations by 203.

The docu-series idea came up in conversations in Kansas City in 2018 with CSCS’s Doug Graber Neufeld (CSCS), Daniel Bellerose (CSCS), and Dan Gallagher. “We thought there was a need for a look at climate that was both personal and technical. This is about science but it’s also very much about people, some of whom are living with more of the negative effects of our high-carbon lifestyle than others. Looking forward, we’re working on future episodes about
individuals and communities that are feeling the effects of climate as well as folks who are in the forefront of adaptation and, especially, mitigation efforts.”

Stevie Freeman-Montes, Sustainability Manager for the City of Sarasota, describes how the City’s Adaptation Plan helped resolve flooding at a key intersection.

Dan Gallagher is a filmmaker and photographer from Corning, NY. He is an active member at Community Mennonite Fellowship in Corning and has been active in New York Mennonite Conference.

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