Center publishes website on sustainable housing

Center publishes website on sustainable housing

“What if we could cut climate emissions in half without sacrificing living standards? New research and analysis unveils new understanding about the ecological impact of the American household, leading to counter-conventional recommendations that are both surprising and enormously consequential. Notably, this novel research design demonstrates that climate-neutral housing and private transportation are not only achievable today, but are actually less costly in both dollars and natural resources.”

This is the powerful opening line for the Center’s new Sustainable Housing website, compiling the findings of EMU Professor Jim Leaman. The website distills the details of a multi-year research study into an easy to navigate interface, with downloadable PDFs of each section.

The findings from the study are potentially incredibly significant, as they detail how solar PV could help cut climate emissions in half in a way that is less costly and less complicated than many traditional sustainable housing methods. Because of the significance of the findings, Leaman plans to publish a book sometime in the next year. For now, each chapter of the book is available for download on the CSCS website. 

The publishing of this website marks the completion of one of the larger products from the “Innovative Solutions” program run by CSCS. This program helps fund research from faculty and students at EMU and Goshen College and has also contributed to the creation of a white paper on environmental ethics, and the baseline survey which has informed much of CSCS’ work. 

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