Center deepens commitment to advocacy through new grant-funded teams

This year the Center is starting a new grant-funded program, which will allow us to engage more deeply in our mission of advocacy around climate issues: Mennonite Creation Care Advocacy Teams.

The Mennonite Creation Care Advocacy Teams program is in partnership with the Sustainability Alumni Network (SAN), a group which “connects young adults on environmental initiatives, supports sustainability clubs at Mennonite colleges & universities, and amplifies members’ climate advocacy within the Mennonite Church and beyond” (for more information on SAN, check out their Facebook page). The partnership is an exciting one, as it will give CSCS the opportunity to connect with young people from around the country, utilizing SAN’s connections and powerful voice among recent graduates of Mennonite colleges.

Members of the CSCS Board of Reference attend a meeting with congressional staffers in D.C.

The Advocacy Teams program will bring together five young adults from around the country for training in Washington, D.C., in partnership with the MCC Washington office. Advocates will be given tools that will help them effectively organize, and engage their local community in lobbying in a variety of forms. From letter-writing to lobbying in office, advocates will have the opportunity to engage in advocacy from a variety of perspectives, and find what works best for their community’s needs.

One major goal of the program is to encourage a culture of political engagement, within a distinctive ethic of advocacy within the Mennonite community. Mennonites have a particular way of relating to people, which emphasizes values such as deep listening, giving voice to the underrepresented, and group discernment, which could not only benefit the Mennonite community, but also potentially others in the world of climate advocacy looking for another way to engage.

The search for advocates to represent the Center and SAN in this exciting new program will begin in March and will be led by Program Assistant Daniel Bellerose, who will be supporting the project. To find out more about the project, or ways you might get involved, contact Daniel Bellerose at, and to learn more about SAN or connect with them, contact Ryan Johnson-Evers at

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