Mennonite Higher Education Sustainability Summit




Driving & Parking – Harrisonburg is located on a main highway route, I-81, and thus easy to reach by car.  We will provide parking passes for any who wish to park on campus during the conference.

Bus – Regrettably, there is no greyhound or other bus stations in Harrisonburg.  The nearest greyhound station is Charlottesville (60 min).

Train – The nearest Amtrak stations are in Staunton (30 min) and Martinsburg (90 min). 

Airplane – There are a number of options for airports:

Shenandoah Regional Airport (SHD).  A local airport only 15 in from Harrisonburg, it is very convenient but typically significantly more expensive.  However, ticket prices are occasionally as cheap as the major airports, and so is worth checking.

Charlottesville (CHO).  1 hour from Harrisonburg, this is reasonably convenient, and usually not too much more expensive that the Washington area airports, so this airport is popular with Harrisonburg residents.  The smaller airport size also makes it a more pleasant experience.

Washington DC (IAD, DCA, WAS).  These are the cheapest options, they are 2 hours (or more) from Harrisonburg.  Dulles (IAD) is on the west side of the DC metropolitan area, and more convenient than Reagan National (DCA). 

Others.  The Richmond airport is 2 hours, and sometimes used.  Baltimore has cheap flights also, but is 3 hours from Harrisonburg.

If you are flying, we may be able to assist with transport from/to airports, but we cannot guarantee at this point.  You may need to rent a car from the airport to get to Harrisonburg.  As flight arrangements are made, we’ll see what we can do to link people together for carpooling or other transport.

With partial support from the Marpeck Foundation, CSCS will pay all expenses for two faculty/staff/administrators (up to $800 total travel for two people, or a maximum of $500 for one person).  One student will also be supported to attend the conference; arrangements for a student representative will be arranged through the CSCS campus ambassador program.  If there are additional individuals who wish to attend, they are welcome to attend the conference at their own expense.

  Please make your own flight purchases, and keep your transport receipts.  We will reimburse you for your costs to this amount. 

Finally, we encourage you to think about carbon footprint, in addition to convenience, when making arrangements to travel to Harrisonburg.

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