Mennonite Higher Education Sustainability Summit




Please enter names and information for each attendee, so that we can plan appropriately for this summit.

Registration costs (including lodging and meals) are covered for 2 faculty/staff/administrators, and 1 student. See the transportation section for transportation costs covered. Additional attendees are welcome, but requested to pay their own costs (please check back for that cost estimate).

(Faculty/staff/administration or student? If faculty/staff/administration, what is your title? If student, what is your year of study?)
Students: We cover lodging costs for all of these days. Others: We cover lodging costs through Sat night. If you are staying for the advocacy trip, we will also cover Sun and Mon night costs.


You don’t have to help with organizing any sessions, but we’re very thankful for those of you that graciously offer to help out!
This day is free for students. For others, we will ask that you help cover the transport and food charges for the day.

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