Our Mission

The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions advances thinking and action in Anabaptist and other faith communities to address climate change as one of the most crucial moral challenges of our time. We work towards climate justice by inspiring action, developing leadership, and building networks.

Our Vision

The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions inspires and equips Anabaptists to be fully engaged in actions that address climate change.  We envision CSCS as a leader in addressing climate change by promoting engagement and understanding through the perspectives of justice, peacebuilding, and reconciliation.  

Our Values

The work and goals of the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions are built on the following core values: a faith-informed perspective, a priority on marginalized and vulnerable groups, a focus on empowering youth, and an evidence-based approach to solutions.

  1. Faith-informed perspective: CSCS views climate change as a moral issue. Anabaptist values such as peacebuilding, reconciliation, simple living, and closeness to the land can uniquely contribute towards understanding and addressing climate change.
  2. Elevating and centering underrepresented voices: CSCS promotes the voices of marginalized and vulnerable communities who are directly affected by climate change, and focuses on a justice perspective which understands climate change as an intersectional issue that is intertwined with racial justice, land justice, food security, migration and other challenges.
  3. Focus on empowering young emerging leaders: CSCS equips college student and recent graduate leaders to be agents of change on campus and in their communities, encouraging and preparing them toward careers that have an impact on climate change. We believe climate change is an intergenerational issue which requires careful attention
    to the obligation to future generations, and believe youth are uniquely positioned to create change.
  4. Evidence-based approach to solutions: CSCS believes progress on climate change is best effected by promoting evidence-based solutions from multiple disciplines. We promote engagement on multiple levels from individual behavior to advocacy, use a model of shared values and trusted voices, engage with communities through the power of storytelling, and support researchers and scholars searching for solutions.

For more details, see our Strategic Plan from 2021