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This 2 minute quiz will help you determine which Creation Care Action Plan will meet the needs of your congregation and allow you to download your free plan. If you are a pastor, lay leader, or individual who is interested in bringing creation care commitments to your congregation, complete the quiz with your congregation in mind.

Fill in a number between 0-5 that most reflect your congregation’s attitudes and actions, 0 = Not At All, 5 = Extremely.
Once you are finished, select your plan using the Understanding Your Score section.

Understanding Your Score: Find your score below and read the description that corresponds. If you are close to a neighboring plan, consider reading that category’s description as well. Choose the plan that most reflects the current realities and needs of your congregation.

Score 0 – 9: Plan 1
     Congregations in this category have not fit creation care into their current theological or social perspectives for a variety of reasons. A church might be focusing on other issues, or they might feel that environmentalism is a politicized, polarizing issue that pastors cannot or should not address. A few creation care actions may have been accomplished, but not intentionally. (i.e. solar installation for financial stewardship, not environmental). Plan 1 is designed to reframe the conversation around creation care through the eyes of faith and explore low-risk creation care action ideas that fit the church’s current commitments. 

Score 10 – 15: Plan 2
     Congregations that score between 10 -15 have taken a few initial steps towards intentional creation care. Generally, congregations in this range are motivated to care for creation out of biblical responsibility and a concern for other people. This may look like doing a few facilities updates or a small group study on creation care, but the church lacks organizational structure and vision for accomplishing creation care projects.  Plan 2 will help the church develop a Creation Care Team and walk through the initial stages of visioning, planning, and project execution.

Score 16 – 20: Plan 3
     Congregations in this category see creation care as a part of their congregational identity of living simply, stewarding resources, and caring for the world. They have been pursuing creation care for a significant period of time and have accomplished much in this area, but they have not developed a long term creation care plan. Plan 3 works through pastoral responses to environmental emotions, creation care communication strategies and long term planning exercises. 

Score 21 – 25: Plan 4
     Congregations in this category see creation care as a form of stewardship of the land, stewardship of tradition and culture, and an integral part to a relationship with Christ. They see social awareness of economic and historical injustices as connected to creation’s treatment, and the church has a long history of activism in these areas. Plan 4 focuses on listening to the needs and injustices within their broader community and identifying and participating in reconciliatory actions alongside other local organizations.

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