Caleb Schrock-Hurst

Caleb Schrock Hurst is a first-year student at Eastern Mennonite Seminary pursuing a master’s in religion and church history. Originally from Harrisonburg, Virginia, Caleb graduated from Hesston College and Eastern Mennonite University with a degree in English and minors in history and music. Caleb plays tennis and the cello.  He also likes to write, read and follow European soccer “a bit too closely” (he’s an Arsenal fan). 

After college, Caleb spent two years serving in Vietnam with MCC’s SALT program where he worked as a copy editor at the World Publishing House and later as the coordinator for the MCC Vietnam History Project.  While in Hanoi, he wrote the book “65 Years of Walking Together: The MCC Vietnam Story.”  

After having lived in Vietnam, Caleb worries about overpopulation in Southeast Asia and the effects of climate change on lower-income communities.  “Rich countries such as the United States of America really need to pull their weight,” he said.  

Caleb wanted to join the climate ride because, he said, “I think that raising awareness about climate change and raising awareness about alternative modes of transportation is incredibly important as we move forward as a global society.”