Sierra Ross Richer

Sierra Ross Richer is the written communication intern for the Climate Ride. A junior journalism major at Goshen College, Sierra is in charge of putting together the bi-weekly email updates (they will become weekly after this week) and will  gather and share reflections from the riders during the trip.   

Sierra works for the campus newspaper at Goshen College and is an intern at the Anabaptist World magazine.  When she isn’t writing, Sierra likes to cook, go on adventures outdoors, garden and–more recently–slackline and hacky sack.  Sierra calls Goshen Indiana home, but she has also lived in California, Peru and Ecuador with her family.  

When thinking about climate change, Sierra worries about how disconnected many people have become from the natural world.  “This planet isn’t just a planet of humans,” she said.  “So it makes me sad that we’ve gotten to this point where we’ve created this big disaster for the entire planet because we weren’t looking out for any of the other members of the community.”  

Sierra believes her generation has a unique opportunity to make big changes to “the way that society works, the way that people interact with each other and interact with the environment.” She sees the climate ride as a chance to practice living into those changes. 

“I’m really excited we’ll get the chance on the trip,” she said, “(to) build our own community… and make our own normal.”