Climate ride, riders

We’re collecting profiles of riders as the biweekly updates go out – watch for more profiles of riders as updates comes out


Isaac Alderfer





Isaac Andreas

“My biggest concern is how disproportionately climate change affects the poor.”

“I saw what kinds of people were applying for it and I wanted to be more like them.”





Toby Bartlett

“I get hope from the people who are picking up trash from the oceans. I get hope from the people who choose to recycle and the people who turn off the lights after they leave a room. I get hope from knowing there’s people out there who do care about the planet, and it’s not just me by myself or you by yourself trying to fix this mess that we’re in.”


Denver Beck

“When I first heard about the (Climate) Ride, I thought it was a great opportunity to combine two things I’m really passionate about… being outside, being active, and climate action.” 


Micah Buckwalter

“I’m really looking forward to this trip because of the goal of bringing awareness to climate change.”






Loren Friesen

Mass change are a challenge, and an opportunity to “make our cities greener and our public spaces more intimate with the earth.”


Vanessa Gardiner

“I wanted to bring more awareness to climate change and challenge my mental and physical abilities.”





Tyler Goss

Thomas Guadalupe-Johnson





Miriam Huebner

“When I read the news I get really scared and anxious, but then I go for a walk and the trees ground me and remind me that the reason I care about climate change so much because of how strongly I love this world.”


Greta Klassen

“I think there’s no better way to understand what climate is doing to our earth than living super rooted in the earth and our bodies for two months.  If we can foster positive relationships with our bodies in nature, I think we can go out and change the world.”





Samantha Lioi

“I feel a lot of grief about the ways we human beings have damaged and in some cases obliterated ecosystems.  I am motivated by a love for the immense beauty of the earth and its creatures.”





Elizabeth Miller

“I don’t think that a cross country trip is feasible for everyone, but I think that the idea of cycling as alternative transportation…that’s something that can be incorporated into all of life. I hope that that inspires me and my fellow teammates. I hope that inspires those who we engage with in different communities along the way. I hope that that can become a lifestyle choice for me and those around me.”


Anna Paetkau

“The western way of life is a lot of consume, consume, and I think a lot of people, because it’s so ingrained in their minds, have accepted that as natural for humans.  It’s terrifying to think that it is because how do we change that? But I don’t think it is at all.”





Sierra Richer





Caleb Schrock-Hurst

“I think that raising awareness about climate change and raising awareness about alternative modes of transportation is incredibly important as we move forward as a global society.”

Eric Streeter