By Isaac Andreas

‘An Ode to Gravel’

Gardiner, Montana, June 14

Gravel. By now, most of the riders agree that it’s difficult and sometimes scary to ride on, depending on the grade. Some have even spoken choice words against its very existence. 

But Jesus said to love your enemies, so, in that spirit, here is an ode to gravel. 

Gravel is my rock (not my salvation).

When I am sore, gravel massages my aches and pains (it really digs in). When I hit the rocky parts of life, gravel is there (causation).

When I take things for granted, gravel gives me some perspective (even highways are superior).

When the world is silent gravel lifts its rasping voice to occupy me (stifling conversation).

When my bike is naked, gravel dust covers it (not great for the drive chain).

When I fly too fast, gravel reminds me of my mortality (jarringly). 

When I cannot wash my clothes, gravel washboards my very soul (bump bump bump bump).