Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller is a senior Spanish major at Eastern Mennonite University where she competes on the school’s cross country, track and triathlon teams. Liz, who grew up on a farm in Pettisville, Ohio, spent a year in Honduras with MCC’s SALT program between her years at Hesston College and EMU. This year, Liz is teaching a class of kindergarteners and first graders. In her free, time she likes doing yoga and origami and makes her own kombucha and sourdough bread.   

Liz, primarily a runner, started biking last spring after being diagnosed with a stress fracture the day she was sent home for the pandemic. Biking provided a way for Liz to stay in shape and stay sane while she recovered. She hasn’t stopped biking since. “I love riding,” Liz said, “because it’s a fairly Covid-safe activity that allows you to connect with others and enjoy time outdoors and off-campus.” 

Liz is interested in the issues of environmental racism and food security. “What gives me hope in my fellow humans,” she said, “is a return to values of more community living, communal approaches to meeting everyone’s needs.” 

Thinking about the trip, Liz looks forward the the strength she will gain: “Not just physical strength, but strength of character, confidence in choosing a path and going after it.”