Greta Lapp Klassen

Greta Lapp Klassen is a sophomore English major at Goshen College. Greta, who is also minoring in art and writing, is involved in the college’s orchestra and choir as well as the campus newspaper and in-house publishing groups. Greta grew up in Goshen and spent a year in Bolivia through Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program before starting college.  

Greta, who describes herself as a story-teller, finds hope in the power of stories to motivate and unite people and is excited about the opportunities for sharing stories on the Climate Ride.  She is also excited to see new parts of the country, as she has never been farther west than Kansas.  

Greta wanted to join the Climate Ride to build a deeper connection with her own body and the natural world through the physically-challenging experience.  “I think there’s no better way to understand what climate change is doing to our earth,” she said, “than living super rooted in the earth and our bodies for two months… If we can foster positive relationships with our bodies in nature, I think we can go out and change the world.”