Miriam Huebner

Miriam Huebner is a first-year student at Canadian Mennonite University interested in environmental studies and sociology. She grew up in Winnipeg, but has spent time living in Jerusalem, the Netherlands, Croatia, Guatemala and North Carolina.  

Miriam loves to create things and always has a project going, whether it’s sewing, painting, embroidery, ceramics, crocheting or another craft.  She likes to garden, camp and forage for wild edibles.  At CMU, Miriam is involved in Sanctoral Cycle, a biking hub that promotes bike-commuting on campus.  At the hub, she helps students get access to affordable bicycles and teaches her peers how to repair and build bikes. 

Miriam competed on the Manitoba Cycling team in high school and is excited to pursue her passion for the sport in a new way this summer.  “This feels like an amazing opportunity to learn and to raise awareness about climate change in a way that suites me perfectly,” she said.  

Miriam said climate change often terrifies her.  “When I read the news I get really scared and anxious…” she said, “but then I go for a walk and the trees ground me and remind me that the reason I care about climate change so much because of how strongly I love this world.”