Micah Buckwalter

Micah Buckwalter is a sophomore environmental sustainability major at Eastern Mennonite University. Originally from Fulks Run, VA, Micah loves being active and spending time outdoors. He is on the EMU soccer team and got into cycling and mountain biking during quarantine this past year.

What Micah loves most about his field of study are the opportunities to get outside and do hands-on research.  Micah has been testing the nutrients, bacteria and water force in streams in the Shenandoah Valley since his senior year of high school.  “It’s a really great way to get outside and… find out new things about the areas where you’re living,” he said.  

What gives Micah hope in the face of climate change is people doing the little things like wasting less and using a bike instead of a car. “I think (or at least hope) that our generation will take behavior changes very seriously,” he said.  

Doing a bikepacking trip has been a goal of Micah’s for quite some time. Besides the adventure, he said, “I’m really looking forward to this trip because of the goal of bringing awareness to climate issues.”