Toby Bartlett

Toby Bartlett is a junior kinesiology major at Fresno Pacific University. Toby, who grew up in Fresno, loves being active. He competes in pole vault and javelin in track and also enjoys surfing, biking, weight lifting, doing yoga, meditating, sky diving and cliff jumping. He hopes to become a physical therapist one day.

Toby, was drawn to the Climate Ride because, he said, “I have a huge heart for the planet and the environment.”  He also looks forward to the resilience he will gain from completing such an endeavor. “When I’m finally in DC and I have all those miles behind me, I know I’ll be able to accomplish anything I put my mind to,” he said. 

Where does Toby find hope in the face of climate change?  “I get hope from the people who are picking up trash from the oceans. I get hope from the people who choose to recycle and the people who turn off the lights after they leave a room. I get hope from knowing there’s people out there who do care about the planet, and it’s not just me by myself or you by yourself trying to fix this mess that we’re in.”