Support and Sponsorships

You know that feeling you get when you’ve financially supported something you know is important? We want you to feel that again and we believe that you will when you give to this event!

We are connecting with businesses and individuals across the US and Canada, young and old and in all denominations within the Anabaptist tradition. The goal? Start conversations. Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist and professor of political science says, “The most important thing you can do to fight climate change is to talk about it.” To start that conversation we’re asking people to bike, and for them to bike, we need financial support. 

  1. Individual? Please consider giving – at any level – to support this ride. You can do that here
  2. Business? If you want your business named on our Climate Ride t-shirts, make your $5,000 donation here.  

(Due to the unique configuration of the CSCS structure, receiving proper acknowledgment make take extra time. Rest assured though, that your donation will make us do a little happy dance!)

Thank you! 

Thank you for caring about this world and the heavy problems we face. Thanks also for any help you offer at any level. We’re excited to connect with you and look forward to finding ways to deepen the climate change conversation within the Anabaptist community.