A team may be up to two individuals.
Team members must apply separately, but anything related to the project can be copied onto each application.
(Including territories, dependencies, contested territories.)
Please answer only if you feel comfortable. Your answer will have no effect on your application.
Please enter your birthdate in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY.
If you are applying before graduation, please say student, and indicate your graduation year.
If applicable.
If you are currently a student list your anticipated degree.
If applicable.
Short and descriptive. We will use this title to refer to your project through the application process.
What date would you be available to start your fellowship in August 2020? Use the MM/DD/YY format.
When would you like the fellowship to end? Use the MM/DD/YY format.
We are able to hire in Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii. We can provide staff support in Virginia and Washington DC. If you would like the fellowship to take place elsewhere, we may be able to hire you through another organization, such as Goshen College, or an MCC office.
If so, please describe why.
If so, please state which organizations, and how they would fit into the project.
Summarize your project in 1500 characters or less. Include your goals/objectives, anticipated results, and any broader significance. Think of this as the "pitch" for your project.
Introduce your project, including the need you want to address. Tell us why the issue is important. Cite relevant literature, media coverage, or previous work where applicable. How does your project work with the Center's current goals and projects? Identify something specific about your project's contribution to climate issues.
What do you plan to accomplish with this project? *A goal is a simple, clear, and general statement of the desired outcomes; there may be more than one goal. The objectives should be derived from the goal statement, defining specific, measurable targets; please make clear to which goal the objectives are linked.
Detail the methods you will use to complete your project and why these are the best methods. Note any special or unusual tools or techniques you plan to employ. List and describe the steps you will take to implement your approach, and provide a timeline for implementation. Indicate which populations, communities, and/or locations you will target with this project. If appropriate, specify the anticipated number of participants/subjects.
Explain why you believe the activities you have planned will achieve the result(s) you expect. Include any assumptions necessary for this project to succeed (e.g., critical relationships or external factors outside of your control).
Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions (CSCS) has zero tolerance for bribery and corruption and complies with all applicable laws prohibiting such conduct including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Fellows may not: offer or give anything of value to a government official or any other person as an incentive to, or in exchange or as a reward for, obtaining an improper advantage for CSCS; or give, offer, solicit or accept anything of value that is intended to induce the recipient to violate his/her duty of loyalty to his/her employer. All licenses, permits and other government permissions or approvals required for the project must be obtained through the lawful, legitimate process of the area where the project occurs. By submitting this application, I represent that I am in compliance with the ethical standards and codes of practice for my discipline, and specifically the requirements for projects relating to human or animal subjects. I further agree that I will practice CSCS's internal values including honesty, fairness, and transparency. Lastly, I agree that CSCS may share details about the project at the time of acceptance.