Anabaptist Climate Directory Registration

Does your business or organization prioritize care for climate and the environment? Do you hope to raise awareness of the work you do? Do you wish to connect with other Anabaptist-led initiatives to increase the scope of your work?

Anabaptist Climate Collaborative (ACC) is working to develop an Anabaptist Climate Directory complete with organizations, businesses, and congregations who are responding to climate change through creation care. The goal of this project is to share resources among individuals, organizations, and churches to ease the task of networking with one another, as well as building on projects that others have already begun.

If you think this project applies to your business or organization, ACC would love to include your congregation in the Anabaptist Climate Directory! Please fill out this form to submit your business information for the Directory.

Examples of climate action may include, but are not limited to: community gardens; regenerative agriculture; planting trees; restoring native landscapes; installing solar panels; policy change or advocacy work; selling locally-sourced, reusable, or low-waste products; working on disaster relief, funding or implementing energy-efficient improvements in the community or in homes; outreach to new immigrants or migrant farm workers who have left their homes due to environmental impacts; or a feeding program in an area where there are few grocery stories.

Questions? Please contact ACC’s Climate Directory Coordinator, Liz Miller ( with any questions, or if you’d prefer to have a phone or Zoom conversation about your business’s creation care involvement.