Launched in the fall of 2016 by a gift from Ray Martin, CSCS’s initial focus is to research the beliefs and attitudes about climate change in the Mennonite Church and the wider Anabaptist community. This will be done through a large survey of the broader Mennonite Church with some follow-up interviews of respondents to the survey to gain deeper understanding of survey responses. We believe careful planning to lay a mission-focused, data-driven foundation for the center’s work will ensure ongoing success in subsequent years. Our mission is stated as: The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions advances thinking and action in Anabaptist and other faith communities to mitigate climate change. Our work in research, innovation, education and collaboration catalyzes faith-informed, justice-focused activity that promotes sustainable living, environmental justice and care for creation. To this end, we: (1) Conduct and synthesize interdisciplinary research to increase faith communities’ and faith-based organisations’ understanding, engagement, and advocacy around climate change. (2) Develop, implement and document innovative strategies and programming that individuals and organizations can adopt to mitigate their contributions to climate change. (3) Educate and equip students and constituents to take action that reduces individual, organizational, and systemic contributions to climate change. (4) Connect and strengthen advocacy and climate change mitigation efforts across congregations and organizations in order to maximize engagement and impact. Together, the center’s mission and the baseline survey will provide a framework for the center’s emerging programmatic agenda.