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The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions (CSCS) is hosting the pilot of “A Time to Mend“, a docu-series short created by Dan Gallagher Arts in cooperation with CSCS. The pilot episode looks at climate change effects, especially sea level rise (SLR), and the efforts of the City of Sarasota FL. The city has been working since 2016 to understand and plan for the SLR already observed as well as the accelerating rise that is forecast.
Climate Futures Fellow Update - Joseph Harder I’ve been thinking lately about the similarities between Mennonite hymnals and the More-With-Less Cookbook. Both are Mennonite cultural touchstones: music and food are two things that Mennonites seem to take pride in. These books are the sort of thing given by churches and relatives as coming-of-age, baptism, or graduation gifts (I can personally attest, I have received both as gifts). Both draw their contents from the experiences of
Climate Futures Fellow Update - Clara Weybright Two months into my fellowship, I’ve been struck by how increasingly relevant this project feels. As we watch hurricane after hurricane sweep through the East Coast and wonder when the wildfires in California and Oregon will end, we are also becoming increasingly aware of the ways in which these climate crises intersect with deep racial injustices. Faith communities,  including CSCS’s constituents, are feeling an increasing need to act.

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