Global South Resources

Intersections: Responding to climate change

This issue of Mennonite Central Committee’s regular publication, Intersections, deals with ways in which members of MCC have encountered climate change in their work. Their work in the Global South focuses on building healthy communities, creating sustainable livelihoods, and promoting peace, which has all been impacted by climate change. This issue discusses these impacts, from the perspective of many communities around the world, from Myanmar, to Ethiopia, to Central America and the Caribbean, the issue discusses how climate change has affected the diverse work that members of MCC engage in. It’s a great introduction to the relationship between climate change and the Global South from an Anabaptist perspective. It also features Tammy Alexander, Oversight Board member at the Center, and Jennifer Schrock, Director at Mennonite Creation Care Network, one of the Center’s Strategic Partners.



Caring for creation, and all people

Caring for creation, and all people by Isaac S. Villegas is an article published in Mennonite World Review which focuses on the connection between creation care, and compassion for the global south. Taking inspiration from Article 21 of the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective, which states that “as stewards of God’s earth, we are called to care for the earth and to bring rest and renewal to the land, and everything that lives on it;” the article points out the ways in which the negative environmental actions of those in the Global North adversely affect the lives of those in the Global South. The primary cause of this effect is climate change, which the author believes should inspire the Mennonite church to act on the issue.