Faith and Climate Resources

Shifting Climates Podcast

Shifting Climates is a faith-based podcast “persistently having good conversations about faith, hope and climate change”. Through conversations across the professional and generational spectrum, Shifting Climates wants to be a catalyst in shifting the needle on climate change for the Mennonite church. Their podcast began as a senior capstone project in 2017, and is planning to continue with their first full season in 2018 with the Center.


Every Creature Singing

Every Creature Singing is “a curriculum for followers of Jesus who want to connect their faith with their place.” Developed by one of the strategic partners of the Center, Mennonite Creation Care Network, this 12-session course is a great place to start for any person of faith looking to answer the questions that arise when bringing together faith and issues of justice and creation care.




CSCS Baseline Survey

In the winter of 2017, CSCS worked to establish a baseline understanding of its various constituents’ beliefs regarding sustainability. climate change, and creation care.This data-driven foundation is designed to help inform the use of resources and assist in measuring progress towards the goals of advancing thinking and action toward climate change mitigation in faith communities.